Question: How Much Does It Cost To Write 6 Marks?

How much should I write for a 12 mark question?

How long should a 12 mark question take in History.


It’s difficult to say exactly because it depends on how fast you write.

Generally, 1 to 2 pages is a good indicator..

How do you answer a 12 marker?

An easy way to break down a 12 mark essay question is to split it into four sections, and think of each as being worth 3 marks. The question will usually ask you to refer to the religion you have studied, so the first two paragraphs should focus on this.

How much should I write for 4 marks?

You should write at least 6 points for 3 marks. and you should write atleast 8 points for 4 marks.

How long should a six mark question be?

As a general rule of thumb in exams, one mark approximately equates to one minute of time spent on the question. Some questions are much quicker to tackle than that and so it’s reasonably safe to assume that around 8–10 minutes for a six-mark question is a good target.

How much should we write for 3 marks?

Usually for three mark answer, you are expected to write at least three points while for five mark answer, you should write five points. However, at times if you feel that you are not able to cover the three marker question in three points, you may write four points.

How much should you write for a 25 mark question?

Generally the essay should consist of an introduction, three paragraphs containing three different points and a conclusion. Typically this would take up 3-5 pages of A4 lined paper. Your introduction should set up the debate that is put forward in the question.

How do you answer a 6 marker?

For a 6 marker, you should be developing 2 distinct points, totalling 4 marks, and then providing a well reasoned evaluation as a conclusion for the last 2 marks. For the two distinct points, it is important to read the question carefully as it may not be simply a point for and against a certain topic.

How many paragraphs is a 12 mark question in English?

threeFor both types of 12 mark questions three detailed paragraphs following the SEE system plus some analysis and evaluation should be enough for the twelve marks with the addition of a conclusion/evaluation at the end for the “Evaluation” questions.

How much should I write for a 10 mark question?

300 wordsIt means for 10 marks question you should approximately write answer in 300 words.

How do you answer a 5 mark question?

And for 5 mark question : Write answer with deep explanation and giving an example on that topic is must. You can answer a 5 mark question in 12–15 lines….For a one mark question, try writing the answer in a word or two or maybe, in a line. … For a 2-marks question, writing 2-3 lines is sufficient in about 40 words.More items…

How much should I write for 15 marks?

So for a 15 marks question you are expected to write 8 pages(counting both sides) in the answer sheet or nearly 1200 words. To gain marks you will have to follow a pattern, support your arguments with logical points and be very precise to the point.

What is the word limit for 3 marks question?

80 wordsAccording to the guidelines prescribed by CBSE, the word limit for 3 marks should be not exceeding 80 words and the word limit for 5 marks should not exceed 120 words.