Quick Answer: Does The H510 Elite Have Good Airflow?

Do NZXT cases have good airflow?

Although NZXT has been very successful in selling its cases still some people criticize them for their design for airflow.

As components generate a lot of heat while gaming, it’s better to use a case that has a good airflow including the intake and exhaust..

Does the NZXT h510 Elite come with fans?

The H510 Elite also includes the NZXT Smart Device V2, powering the built-in RGB light strips and case fans. Two tempered glass panels top off your build, perfectly showcasing your RGB build. We’ve included two Aer RGB 2 fans and an RGB LED strip to get you started.

Which NZXT case has best airflow?

Best NZXT CasesNZXT Phantom 410 Mid Tower Computer Case– Big And Beautiful Option to Try Out. … NZXT H710 ATX Mid Tower PC Case– Share Files Via USB with This One. … NZXT H510 Compact ATX Mid-Tower PC Case– Get Higher Airflow with This One.

Does the NZXT h510 need extra fans?

As long as you dont block its side intake, and put a fan or 2 for it, that case is fine. That case don’t really cool any better with front intakes. It has helped just a bit adding one front upper position intake fan. Hardly no difference in the 500 and 510.

Does NZXT h510 have bad airflow?

It has a solid front panel, which you cannot remove and that leaves very poor airflow from the AiO which made things even worst. The AiO can be set up only as pull, meaning that your fans should be put as Intakes and not exhaust.

Which NZXT case is best?

Top PicksOverall Best NZXT Case: NZXT H510.Best NZXT Micro ATX Case: NZXT H400i.Best NZXT Mini ITX Case: NZXT H210.Best NZXT EATX Case / High-End Choice: NZXT H710.Smallest NZXT Case: NZXT H1.

Does NZXT h510i have good airflow?

The H510i lacks a front mesh panel and seems to have its intakes positioned on the right and the bottom. Reading some reviews and Gamers Nexus points to this being a relatively mediocre performer in terms of airflow.

How do I increase the airflow on my computer?

So the open side of the fan should face outside the case for intake fans on the front or the bottom, and it should face inside the case for fans on the rear or top. Most cases are designed with a certain directional airflow in mind–usually front to back, and bottom to top.

What is the difference between NZXT h510 and h510 elite?

Because the H510 Elite is a variant of the H510 and H510i, it shares the same petite dimensions. … Otherwise, the H510 Elite mirrors H510i’s practical features: a removable bracket for the front fans, vertical mount support for a GPU, and Smart Device v2 controller for NZXT case fans and RGB components.

Is 2 fans enough for a gaming PC?

2 case fans (1 intake in front, 1 exhaust at the back) show biggest improvements to cpu and gpu thermals. … It depends on the hardware and layout of the case, but in general a single intake fan is enough for a general-use computer. For a low-end gaming PC, 1/1 is fine, 2/1 or 3/1 for higher-power hardware.

Who makes the best PC cases?

Corsair iCue 4000X. The best PC case. … Fractal Design Meshify-C. The best mid-tower PC case. … Nanoxia Deep Silence 4. The best Micro ATX PC case. … NZXT H200i. The best Mini-ITX case. … Phanteks Evolv Shift X. The best home theater PC case. … Fractal Design Define R5. … Cooler Master H500P Mesh. … Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-04 Tempered Glass.More items…•