Quick Answer: What Animals Can We Live Without?

Do flies have a purpose?

When flies land on a series of plants to feed on nectar, they spread the pollen between flowers and help fertilise the next generation of plants.

As pollinators, flies perform a valuable role in the ecological community for our native plants, and are also helping farmers..

What animal is the most important to man?

Primates Our closest cousins in the animal kingdom are also some of the most vital animals on the planet. They may be our closet link when it comes to understanding human history, but their true worth lies in the ecological role they play in the world.

What animals are necessary for human survival?

11 Vital Species We Need to Save The PlanetBees Are Vitally Important to the Ecosystem. … Phytoplankton Are the Lungs of The Earth. … Fungi Are the World’s Recyclers. … Menhaden Are Vital To Marine Food Chains. … Bats Are Vital To Protecting Some Food Crops. … Earthworms are the Recuperators of the Earth. … Cyanobacteria are the World’s Main Nitrogen-Fixers.More items…•

What would happen if there were no animals on earth?

Answer. If there were no animals, there would be no humans too. … So, this shows that plants, animals and human beings are inter-related to each other. If one of the three is missing,the life of the other two would be in danger.

What animals serve no purpose?

4 bugs that serve no purpose on this planetMosquitos. Mosquitoes are such a nuisance. … Wasps. Our environment would suffer if we lost bees, for obvious reasons (e.g. no agriculture, no honey). … Gnats. Heck, we’d even weep for alleys and garbage cans that have a swarm of gnats surrounding them too. … Moths.

What is the most feared animal in the world?

The 10 most dangerous animals in the worldCape buffalo. … Cone snail. … Golden poison dart frog. … Box jellyfish. … Pufferfish. … Black mamba. … Saltwater crocodile. … Tsetse fly.More items…•

What would life be like without animals?

Obviously humans can survive being vegan. Without livestock we would have much more agricultural land and agriculture yields more food/area than animals. Some animals though are crucial for plant life, especially bees. Without bees we would lose all our fruits and most of our vegetables.

What’s the most important animal in the world?

beesAccording to the international conservation nonprofit Earthwatch Institute, bees are the most important species on earth. The declaration was made last July at a meeting of the Royal Geographical Society of London. What makes bees’ health important?