Quick Answer: What Prayer Do You Say After Communion?

Can any bread be used for communion?

Many churches in America use communion wafers, actual small, pale wafers made especially for that purpose.

Some Protestants use normal unleavened bread, others use wafers.

Most Orthodox churches use leavened bread, but not the Armenian Orthodox Church.

Orthodox use levened bread called prosforo..

Can I use any juice for communion?

Use orange juice and steak, olive oil and bubble gum, leaves and shoots. It doesn’t matter. Just remember why you’re doing it. The thing is, some of us actually do think that the bread and juice are made holy, and that there is more than just symbolism behind it.

Who can serve communion?

Only a validly ordained priest can validly consecrate the Eucharist. As stated in Canon Law, “The ordinary minister of holy communion is a bishop, presbyter, or deacon.” and “The extraordinary minister of holy communion is an acolyte or another member of the Christian faithful designated according to the norm of ⇒ can.

What are the rules for receiving communion?

A person who is to receive the Most Holy Eucharist is to abstain for at least one hour before holy communion from any food and drink, except for only water and medicine.

Who Cannot receive Holy Communion?

Also forbidden to receive the sacraments is anyone who has been interdicted. These rules concern a person who is considering whether to receive Holy Communion, and in this way differ from the rule of canon 915, which concerns instead a person who administers the sacrament to others.

What are the 4 mortal sins?

They join the long-standing evils of lust, gluttony, avarice, sloth, anger, envy and pride as mortal sins – the gravest kind, which threaten the soul with eternal damnation unless absolved before death through confession or penitence.

Can I take communion if I am not baptized?

Most Protestant churches practise open communion, although many require that the communicant be a baptized Christian. … The official policy of the Episcopal Church is to only invite baptized persons to receive communion. However, many parishes do not insist on this and practise open communion.

How do you bless bread for communion?

The prayer for the bread usually goes something like this, ‘Dear God, as we’re about to partake of this bread, which represents your Son’s body, please bless it to us as we partake of it. ‘

What is the Scripture for communion?

In John 6:53-54, Jesus tells us that unless one eats his body and drink his blood, we have no life. “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in you.” He adds in John 6:54-56 that his body is food and his blood, a drink.

What do you say after receiving communion?

Receive the Precious Blood. After receiving the host, you may choose to receive the Blood of Christ. Take a small drink from the chalice that is offered to you. The person offering the cup will say “the Blood of Christ,” and you should respond (as above) with a bow and a proclamation of your faith: “Amen.”

How do you pray over communion?

(The pastor may hold hands, palm down, over bread and cup.) Come, Holy One, come. Bless and prosper this meal; bless and prosper this fellowship; bless and prosper our lives, that justice and love may be the measure of our common witness. Amen.

Do you bless yourself after receiving communion?

Well, when the priest gives you a blessing and seals it with the sign of the cross, it’s not proper to make the sign of the cross yourself, but its not bad.