Who Has The Deepest Voice?

Who has the deepest voice in BTS?

Who has the deepest voice in BTS.

In the group, RM and Suga have the deepest voices.

Both are bass, the lowest type of voices for a man.

Then Taehyung is 2nd, he is baritone and have the deepest voice in the vocal line..

What country has the deepest voices?

It is also commonly known that Slavic nations along with most people of Black African ancestry talk really low or have the ability to use a deep voice. Polish people for example or Russians have deep and often raspy voices. On the other hand, Spanish or Italian men have high-pitched but still a bit raspy voices.

Who’s the fastest rapper in KPop?

Who Are Kpop’s Fastest Rappers?Stray Kids Changbin. Changbin showed how fast he could rap on the Weekly Idol show he participated in, and reached an incredible 11.13 SPS.Block B Zico. While Zico achieved 10.13 SPS speed with his solo track “Cocks”.B.A.P Zelo. … BTS Suga. … BIGBANG T.O.P. … BTS RM. … BIGBANG G-Dragon and STRAY KIDS Han. … WINNER Mino. … More items…•

Who is the best female singer in KPop?

Fans recently discussed who they think stand out in this regard, and here are 10 of their top choices.Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)Haeyoon (Cherry Bullet)Seunghee (CLC)Yuju (GFRIEND)BoA.Siyeon (Dreamcatcher) An error occurred. “All of Dreamcatcher tbh but Siyeon is an absolute beast. … Dia.Denise (Secret Number)More items…•

Who has the deepest voice in Kpop?

Here are 17 male idols whose deep, husky, sexy voices have fans swooning.Chanyeol (EXO)Yongguk (B.A.P)Woojin (AB6IX)Bitto (UP10TION)T.O.P (BIGBANG)Wonwoo (SEVENTEEN)Leedo (ONEUS)Chani (SF9)More items…•

Is Corpse husband really the voice?

First of all, let’s mention beforehand that Corpse Husband’s voice isn’t fake as many seem to suggest. The Youtuber has himself come forward & confessed to it being 100% his natural voice.

Who has best voice in Blackpink?

BLACKPINK Vocal Ranking 2018Rosé Vocal Range- C3~G#5. Supported Range- A3~Bb4. Vocal Type- Light Lyric Soprano. Overall Rosé is definitely strongest in BP, she is the most technically sound and in tune out of all members. … Jisoo. Vocal Range- E3~C6. Supported Range- E3~G4. Vocal Type- Lyric Mezzo Soprano. … Jennie.

Who has the best voice in KPop?

Top 10 Best K-Pop Male VocalistsYoseob (Beast) … Jonghyun (SHINee) … Chen, Baekhyun, & D.O. … Eunkwang (BtoB) … Hongki (FT Island) … Junsu (JYJ) … Sandeul (B1A4) … Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, & Yesung (Super Junior – KRY) Born with charismatic voices are the greatest vocal lineups of K-pop groups, the KRY of Super Junior.More items…•

Who has better vocals exo or BTS?

It really depends on what kind of vocals you prefer. If you like trendy voices that are more on the unique side, it’s BTS. But if you prefer more powerful vocals, EXO is for you. Both groups have very differing styles when it comes to their vocals.

TaeilThe least popular member is the one and only Taeil.

Who has the deepest voice in NCT?

Lucas, He has the most deepest voice in nct, they all know it! ( listen to his voice in yestoday and boss! ) Jisung, even though he is the maknae he does have a deep voice after puberty lol.

Who has best voice in BTS?

JungkookIn Bts, technically speaking, Jungkook has the best voice. PLEASE DON’T HATE ON ME I THINK THEY’RE ALL AMAZING. But, Jungkook has the best vocal technique, you can tell in the way that he holds high notes and the placement of all his singing.

Who is Jimin best friend?

Do you know Jimin’s best friend? her name is SunJin (선진) but she is known as Danse Jin, Jimin has been friends with her since High School, She’s a YouTuber. She attends Korea National University of Arts and majors in contemporay dance.

Do girls like really deep voices?

Yet research shows women generally prefer deeper voiced, more masculine-sounding men, especially when these women are near ovulation. This may be because partnering with deeper-voiced men could lead to genetically healthier children.

Is Jungkook colorblind?

The only one left in the band who’s still colorblind like Jimin is Jungkook. But Jungkook is only 18, and you should only start worrying about not finding your soulmate once you turn 20.

Who hit the highest note ever?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Lopez held the world record for highest vocal note produced by a male from 2008 to 2018. That pitch is designated D♯8 in note-octave notation; it is three semitones above the highest note on a standard grand piano or 4435 Hz.

Who is the ugliest member of BTS?

The ugliest member is the one wearing black. He is also the one not holding a glass in this picture. The ugliest member is not wearing sunglasses here. The least handsome member is unfortunately Mr.

Will NCT dream disband?

NCT Dream is not disbanding. Actually SM released an official statement that NCT Dream will continue promoting as 7 original members (Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung). However, their next comeback concept after this Reload album will be a rotational unit (similar as NCT U concept).